Waking Famagusta  (in post-production) A film by Vasia Markides 

A mother/daughter-led urban reclamation effort aims at transforming a 42-year old ghost town in Cyprus into a model ecocity.  Greek and Turkish-Cypriots unite to turn the once thriving historic tourist resort of Famagusta, a city occupied by the Turkish military since 1974, into a model for peace, reconciliation and sustainability in the troubled Middle East region.

The district of Varosha, within the city of Famagusta, is located on the northeastern coast of Cyprus. Following the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and subsequent evacuation of Famagusta by its Greek-Cypriot residents, the Turkish army surrounded six square kilometers of the Varosha tourist resort in barbed wire and has held it as a captive ghost town ever since.  As the inhabitants fled in haste, they left laundry hanging on the lines and half cooked rice on the stove.  Forty-three years later, Varosha remains a shell of a once vibrant and thriving community; a mere bargaining chip for Turkey's negotiations with the Cyprus Republic.  Its crumbling buildings are guarded by armed troops to this day, as its aging citizens await a return home. 

Historic peace negotiations now aim to reunite the island after 43 years. If this happens, Famagustians will be given the right to return home, and will confront what could be the largest reconstruction challenge the world has seen since the end of World War II.

Visit project website: www.ecocityproject.com

Hidden in the Sand (2008) A Film by Vasia Markides 



A prequel to The Famagusta Ecocity Project, Hidden in the Sand chronicles the story of Famagusta, a city in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus that was evacuated by its Greek Cypriot population during the 1974 invasion. Since then, a large portion of Famagusta, called Varosha, has been encircled by barbed wire and kept under surveillance by the Turkish military, which uses the territory as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the Cyprus government. Over the last 34 years, Varosha went from being “Cyprus’s Riviera”, to a dilapidated ghost city; its former inhabitants watch their houses decay from outside the barricades, awaiting the day when they can return. Within Varosha’s limits rare sea turtles nest on the beaches, bougainvilleas overtake deteriorating homes, and wild asparagus and prickly pear plants run rampant. As both the maker and a participant, the filmmaker examines the fate of this “city in captivity” and her family’s connection to it. Contemporary scenes of the vacant city are contrasted with archives of the bourgeoning Varosha of the 1970’s. Ultimately though, the film tackles the ugly effects of nationalism, militarism, and propaganda in the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.

Olympia (now in festivals) — Trailer Editor

A chronicle of two non-stop years in the life of famed theater actress and Academy Award winner, Olympia Dukakis. With unprecedented access, we take an exclusive look into the world of an artist in constant motion and an actor who has devoted her life to her craft.

Director/Writer: Harry Mavromichalis
Producer: Muriel Moraes, Keren Seol, Maira Shakhanova, Anthoula Katsimatides
Production Company: Dream Rush Productions(dreamrushproductions.com)
Trailer Editor: Vasia Markides (vasiamarkides.com)

Cyr Bus (sample scene) Director/Producer — In Post-Production

The story of a 104 year old family bus business in Maine.