Waking Famagusta

(formerly known as The Famagusta Ecocity Project)

Waking Famagusta is a documentary in post-production about an urban reclamation effort that aims to revive a 43-year old ghost town in Cyprus into a thriving ecocity.  Famagusta, a Mediterranean city currently under Turkish occupation, is home to the once thriving seaside resort district of Varosha, now held as a captive political bargaining chip by the Turkish military. Greek- and Turkish-Cypriots from each side of the divided island, unite to turn Varosha and the rest of Famagusta into a model of peace, reconciliation and sustainability at the crossroads of three continents.

Waking Famagusta has garnered international attention from news organizations worldwide, including a well-received feature in BBC Magazine along with write-ups on CNN and Al-Jazeera. From local Cypriot city councils to Ivy League classrooms in the U.S., Waking Famagusta has sparked conversation about the way we live and our ever-changing times. As well, the film has shined a bright light on a nearly forgotten ghost-city, weaving its way into recent peace talks involving Turkey and the UN, which have alluded to the possible return of the Cypriot district, Varosha, Famagusta. As such, we, the filmmakers, are looking to complete Waking Famagusta by winter of 2017, in an effort to deliver our message of sustainability, opportunity, and hope, to a wider and eager audience. 

Our overall goals are to bring attention to the on-going conflict in Cyprus, showcase a plan for creating a sustainable community post-occupation, and inspire other municipalities to become eco-cities.

Contact: Vasia Markides -- vasia@ecocityproject.com

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